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Rapper Meek Mill and music mogul Diddy are being accused of being "gay" on Twitter, after a photo is leaked - showing the two men out at an event, wearing matching outfits - and smiling for the camera.

The image appeared on Diddy's Instagram, but the mogul quickly deleted it - as if he posted the image by accident.

But others on social media saved the image and re-uploaded it. Almost immediately the image caused a Twitter firestorm.

Here is the picture:

And here are some of the comments:

Philly's got some 'splaining to do lol.. idk no street n*gga that like to wear the same outfit as another man and pose for a pic in it. 

Meek's moving funny style since he got out.

Diddy's the type to slip roofies in that Ciroc. One minute the dude is on the dance floor ready to fu*k some bi*ches, then he wakes up and hears 'take dat, take dat' wit Diddy next to him

The photo has been shared now over a million times.