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Meek Mill hopped on Twitter to deliver a message to all of his critics after rapper 50 Cent spoke about his beef with former enemy, Drake, during an interview.

"People who pick fights with people who don't wanna fight, those are punks. Meek Mills, when I ran into him finally, he said, 'Yo, come here, let me talk to you. I need to talk to you like a man on the side.' He pulled me to the side and was talking and I was looking at him and I wanted to punch him. The stuff that he said, I wanted to punch him," Fif said on The Breakfast Club.

"And I didn't. I just looked at him and was like, 'Yo, I don't understand why you felt like that,'" 50 Cent continues. "He's a battle artist, that's where you come from. When he says something to Drake and doesn't respond, and Drake says something back, you going, 'What happened? I was waiting for you. He was coming into your den with that, and then you didn't say nothing back.' He felt like I was kicking him when he was down because of how he felt with the momentum that Drake had."

Meek was quick to clap back at 50:

"It's not a coincidence all these people bringing my name up at once lol," Meek tweeted. "I been moving too right and certain people not feeling it because most of these guys can't get in the room! I been outside for years in the field!!! Now I'm helping changing laws now and freeing people."