Meek Mill Caught With 5 NEKKID BLONDES In Hotel . . . Is He THROUGH With Black Women??

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Rapper Meek Mill just got out of jail - and so he's been trying to make up for lost time - with THOTS.

In the past, Meek appeared to like women of ALL shades and colors. In the past he's dated Nicki Minaj,  (who is Black), and a Latina named Nessa. But now Meek appears to be over Black girls.

He posted a pic of a group o girls inside the pool at his Miami hotel. And Meek added a filer to make it look like some of the girls might be Black.


Well MTO News obtained the FULL PIC of these girls - and NONE of them are Black. In fact, they are a group of White girls that he and his entourage piked up at a local club.

According to one Black woman who saw Meek and his boys, "They only had White girls around them. I don't think Meek messes with Black women anymore.'"

Here is the image of the women - UNCENSORED

According to Rolling Stone, "Meek returned to the stage Saturday night with a surprise appearance at Miami's Rolling Loud Festival, the rapper's first concert since his release from prison in April.

"It feels good to be back and free in front of the motherfucking people," Meek Mill told the crowd during his unannounced 20-minute set. "Thank you to everybody that supported me. They tried to take my freedom. They tried to crush my dreams. But now we're in Miami glowing the fuck up. Let's get it!"