Rapper Meek Mill called out Lil Fizz's relationship with Apryl Jones yesterday, earning himself a clap back from Fizz.

The exchange came after Apryl posted a picture of her and Lil Fizz on her Instagram page. The post was captioned: "My goal is that someone sees my page and decides to grow strong, live YOUR life, and not give a f*ck." 

Meek was unimpressed with the new couple's public display of affection and hit the comments section:

"Y'all outta pocket for this move," he wrote. "No disrespect." 

Lil Fizz clapped back at Meek, replying - "Only thing outta pocket is what I paid for the dinner." Apryl also hit the comments section claiming that Meek tried to holla at her!!

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Just last week, Apryl sat down for an interview with Nick Cannon, and talked about the public backlash against her:

"To the perception of the world, Omari's unbothered, but he bothers me. There's a lot that I'm dealing with behind closed doors that people don't know. Like, not receiving support and a person claiming they only make a certain amount of money, and I'm only getting $700 a month. Like, little stuff like that. It's just the truth. So what are you gonna tell your children when they find out what you did to their mom?"

In the interview, Apryl also stated that Fizz and Omarion were not friends during their B2K years. She also said she did not meet Fizz until after her breakup from Omarion and after she began filming Love and Hip Hop. She also said that Fizz became her friend and was supportive of her in a way that Omarion never was.