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Meek Mill has come out in defense of 21 Savage, calling his lyric about Jewish money a compliment.

On his track, "ASMR," 21 raps: "We been gettin’ that Jewish money, everything is kosher." As usual, some of social media took offense and called him out for promoting stereotypes about the Jewish community, even comparing it to hate speech, but Meek stood his ground.

He wrote:

"Jews have always owned everything in our culture from record labels...our favorite teams...our neighborhoods...our has always been a compliment to say we was getting money like them from knowing the history of them overcoming hatred!"

Before adding:

"I can’t wait until the day I hear a different race saying we saying we getting black folks' money coming from being slaves in America! That would be amazing!"


People only have to look at the top music executives in the hip-hop industry to understand what he is making reference to.

Do you agree with Meek? Was the line a compliment or was 21 Savage being ignorant?