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Meek Mill just fired shots at Cardi B, shortly after he learned that her album Invasion Of Privacy was nominated by the Grammys for Album Of The Year.

MTO News obtained a screenshot of a comment that Meek liked, just a few minutes after it was announced that Cardi's album would be nominated for Album Of The Year on December 7.

Here's the comment:


The comment suggested that the Grammys liked "trash" and "payola" over real music. Meek's latest album was NOT nominated for any Grammys, but Cardi's was.

Ever since Cardi B came out, she's been plagued with rumors that her record label, Atlantic Records, pays people to support the Latina rapper's music. Paying radio stations money for spins, or "payola" as it's called, is illegal in the United States.

Cardi has denied using "payola" or any other payments to promote her music. She told fans that her music grew in popularity, because "her fans related to her."

But that hasn't stopped people from suspecting otherwise. Last month, during an epic Twitter was with Nicki Minaj, Nicki claimed that Cardi uses payola.

The whole situation is a strange twist because just a few weeks ago when Meek released his album Cardi was a featured artist on there. Hopefully this doesn't evolve into some sort of beef, because as you know after Drake was featured on a Meek track a few years ago that's when all hell broke loose and started one of hip hops biggest beefs in history.