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Meek Mill Accuses Flight Attendant Of Racism!!

Meek Mill took to social media to accuse a flight attendant of racism.

"So you just said we was smoking on a plane, we just came on here 30 seconds ago," said Meek who was told by the flight attendant that he smelled of marijuana.

"But where are we going to smoke at if we just stepped on here 30 seconds ago?" Meek replied. "Like, where would a blunt be rolled up at if we just sat here?," he continued sounding frustrated.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to try and fix this problem," the crew member replied. Meek then asked to be let off the plane.

"Let us get off this plane, because I don't feel safe on this plane anyway. C'mon, let's open the door," Meek said. "You acting real racist right now, like, real crazy. Was we smoking weed? F*ck wrong with you?"


Meek wrote: "He asked was we smoking weed on his plane… We just got on 20 seconds ago … racist p*ssy slowed my whole day up??? I need to book a plane in NYC ASAP!!! His energy from when we walked up I knew he racist! Just look what company is this jet under."