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Is Lauren London Pregnant, Or Isn’t She???

A media outlet has made a shocking claim that Lauren London is pregnant -- and claims to have a credible source confirming the news.

"A L.A. Sentinel source confirmed that actress Lauren Nicole London is pregnant. Information is still being gathered, but there is an undeniable sense of warmth surrounding the news," the news outlet writes.

The LA Sentinal is a Los Angeles based media publication, who publishes reports about the happenings in the Black hoods of L.A.


"The American actress, model, and television personality has experienced many different levels of grief behind losing her significant other and father to her child, Nipsey Hussle, but being a mother has been an anchor through her waves of sadness. The ATL movie star is looking to celebrate later this week, with an intimate baby shower."

The Sentinel did not give details of the alleged baby daddy and the actress has not confirmed the news. But fans all over social media are speculating that her baby's father is likely a rapper, since her first two babies' fathers (Lil Wayne and Nipsey) were both rappers.

Lauren has two biological children of her own, but cares for former partner Nipsey Hussle's daughter from a previous relationship. Lauren and Nipsey welcomed their first child together, a son named Kross, in 2016. She also shares a son, Cameron Carter, with rapper Lil Wayne.

UPDATE: Lauren London went on Twitter and is saying that the report of "false." MTO News reached out to the editor at the L.A. Sentinal and is awaiting comment.