Media BODY SHAMES Nicki Minaj's Figure . . . 'Shaped Like A Cannon Ball'!!!

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Nicki Minaj was body shamed this weekend, as she performed in Brazil, MTO News has confirmed.

Yesterday, Nicki showed off her new FULLER figure - as she performed in front of a sold out crowd in Sao Paulo Brazil. Nicki has been eating more, and she's put on a few pounds.

Up until now most of Nicki's fans seemed to LIKE her new "thicker" shape. But fans in Brazil turned on her.

Many of the local media reports spoke frankly about Nicki's weight gain. One local press called her "fat" and "pudgy" in Portuguese.

And some of the local Brazilian media was downright rude. One popular tabloid said that Nicki was "shaped like a cannon ball."

Here is what Nicki looked like at the concert:


Back in September, MTO News reported that... There's a new online report that claims Nicki Minaj is suffering from numerous "health issues" connected to the silicone butt injections she received many years ago.

According to the report, Nicki Minaj's recent weight gain is not by accident. Word is that Nicki is having health issues due to bad silicone that was injected into her butt.

Doctors have urged her to have the silicone removed, before her health worsens. But the report claims that Nicki believes her butt is a crucial part of her image.

So they are trying something new. The report claims that Nicki's team and her doctors came up with a plan. Nicki was asked to gain enough weight, so that they can do fat transfer surgery at the same time they remove the silicone from her butt.