Female rap superstar Megan Thee Stallion was spotted out on Thursday with Jay Z, and ever since the pics of their "date" leaked, the internet has been a buzz speculating on the nature of their meeting. 

Most people think their meeting was about business and the possibility of a collaboration, but others think it was romantic especially since the two stars were photo'd looking very friendly at the PUMA event in New York City. 

Spotted at Puma’s 5 Avenue store grand opening in New York, Hov and the Hot Girl rubbed elbows and mingled among the crowd. Several other faces were in the house as well, including Memphis emcee Yo Gotti, Chicago’s Dreezy, New Orleans rapper Dee-1, and Fabolous (who hilariously drove the D’usse boat with Megan, too). Seeing the Fever artist so humbled, yet relaxed, in the presence of the Roc Nation herald excited fans even further. But once a few clips of their interaction hit the forever-theorizing world of the internet, Hot Girls had one idea in mind and one idea only: a collabo with Meg’s fellow Houston flagbearer and Hov’s global megastar wifey, Beyoncé.

Now, Hot Girl Meg has been clear about two things this year - that she loves men and - that she wants to work with Beyonce. 

So, most folks on social media believe that the Jay Z meeting/date was likely about the two working together on some music with him, and possibly his wife, Beyonce which is causing fans to go completely bonkers. This link-up would be a major deal for Megan, who is still in the early stages of her career. So hopefully, she's able to secure that collaboration with Bey and Hov!

But there are some folks on Twitter who are looking at the body language between the two, and think that something romantic could be brewing between Megan and Jay.

Here's the video that is sparking the controversy: