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ME TOO MOVEMENT Got Stephen A Smith . . . 'Flirting' With Latina!!


The "Me Too" Movement wants Stephen A. Smith to apologize for flirting with a Latina.

Stephen A. Smith may appears to be the latest male celebrity to be UNFAIRLY charged by the "Me Too" movement. A new video surfaced showing Stephen A Smith "flirting" with a Latina reporter.

In the video, a smiling Stephen A. smiles at the pretty Latina interviewer multiple times. Stephen also calls her "beautiful," and he "leered" at her like an old pervert.

The video then went on with Stephen talking about how much he "loves Latinas." Stephen told the interviewer, "I  Love [Latinas] but they don't love me. . . . I never received that much love. Because trust me - had I [received love from the Latinas I would have accepted."

Here is the video

In Stephen A's defense the Latina interviewer seemed like she was flirting with him also. But that doesn't matter to the women of the MeToo Movement. Here are some of the comments under the video:

"Stephen A is a pig. He's married and old enough to be that girls dad."

"ESPN should make him apologize for that . #inapproriate."

"#MeToo get this man."

Here is the video

Surprisingly, yesterday Stephen A. apologized for a different video. . . This one was recorded back in October, and the ESPN personality sat down with Snoop Dogg for an interview that only recently was shared on the rapper’s "Merry Jane" YouTube channel. During the Q&A, Snoop asked Smith to identify his preference in female anatomy, and Smith didn’t dodge the question. 

“Always, always ‘ass’ — that’s true,” Smith said. ” … I know I’m associated with Walt Disney, but dammit, everybody knows I’m a bottom feeder.”

The response QUICKLY received criticism and Stephen A had to APOLOGIZE. Here's what he said:

“Unfortunately, I answered the question like I answer every question: very, very honestly and matter-of-factly, not thinking anything of it,” Smith said. “Evidently it’s a big deal. USA TODAY is writing about it. Lord knows what other publications. It’s gone viral. It’s everywhere. I guess it’s appropriate to apologize. The reason I say that is because of the attention it’s brought to my employers, obviously for the wrong reasons and I have to own that.