Mayweather Daughter Stab Victim Shows Off DEVASTATING Injuries!! (Pics)


Floyd Mayweather's daughter Iyanna Mayweather is currently facing 99 years in prison, for allegedly stabbing a woman, LaPattra Lashai Jacobs, inside the Houston home of rapper NBA Youngboy.

Police sources state that LaPattra, who is also NBA Youngboy's baby's mother, was in the rapper's home when Yaya walked in and a disagreement between the two ladies ensued. Yaya told Jacobs that she was Youngboy’s fiancee and asked her to leave the home. The dispute between the two quickly turned physical and Jacobs was stabbed twice, according to reports.

Following the assault, the victim, LaPattra, reportedly needed surgery after the incident and MTO News has obtained images of LaPattra - from her Instagram showing the results of her injuries. The pictures show NBA's baby's mama, LaPratta, with a cast on her arm, and bandages covering the same arm.


The alleged attack on LaPattra took place at 1:30 am at the rapper's Houston mansion. Yaya was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

How the case will end is unclear. A recent report suggested that LaPattra may not be cooperating with local prosecutors, as the district attorney was forced to subpoena her medical records from the attack.