Max Schenzel, the 20-year-old father on the TLC reality show Unexpected is making news. According to Max, his baby's mother Chloe Mendoza has been "cheating" on him.

Before we go any further, let's keep this in perspective. Max is a convicted felon and an apparent drug abuser. He's also admitted to having a pill addiction on the show and last summer, was arrested for allegedly stealing a 77-year-old woman’s credit cards. 

But he went on social media yesterday to blast Chloe.

“This girl right here has been cheating on me for the past month behind my back,” Max explained. “I gave her everything and all the time in the world and in return she was with another guy,” Max continued. “Yet her and her parents blamed me for everything.”

Max added, “She would also unshare her location while going to the guy’s house and say her ‘phone died and that she’s at her grandma’s’.”

Max ended his post by saying, “Don’t trust THESE HOES!”

Chloe responded to Max allegations. She told the website Starcasm's “Lies. Hence why Max took it down,” she tells us. “It was a misunderstanding,” Chloe continues. “Also, me and Max are not together. Can’t cheat if we’re not dating.”.