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As Blac Chyna continues to fume about Rob's attempts to reduce or even stop her child support payments, NBA baller, Matt Barnes has come out in defense of the Kardashian.

The Shade Room posted a story about Rob's new filing, when Barnes snuck into the page's comments section with a fist in solidarity of Rob's request for an adjustment.

Chyna got in her feelings and responded to Barnes "I don't know know bruh mind your own business loser!" Barnes was quick with the comeback, replying with "Back to the Pole you gooooo."

He then hit live to air his views on the broken system, condemning women for needing $20,000 a month plus to raise a child. Barnes recently won full physical and legal custody of his children from his ex-wife, Gloria Govan and now appears to be becoming something of an advocate for men's custody rights.

He does have a point!