Mathew Knowles OTHER DAUGHTER Lands Lead In WIZARD OF OZ . . . She's Talented!! (Video)

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Beyonce and Solange aren't the only Knowles gals with talent. It turns out that Mathew's youngest daughter Koi is also EXTREMELY talented.

Back in 2010 Mathew Knowles fathered a child with former Texas stripper Taqoya Branscomb That pregnancy is what broke up Beyonce's parent's marriage.

Koi, 8, is based in Texas. Her mom has said her daughter loves to sing and dance. "A DNA test proved paternity, and the results came out 99.998% that Matthew was the biological father. Taqoya claimed Matthew had told her at the time he had had a vasectomy."

In 2010, it was also revealed he was the father of actress Alexsandra Wright's son. That revelation caused Tina Knowles to divorce him after 31 years.

But it also brought a beautiful  little girl into the world.

Now Mathew's 8-year-old daughter, Koi Knowles, is starring in The Wizard of OZ at her school. And you can see the natural talent in her.

Here she is:

Since welcoming two illegitimate children, Mathew's relationship with his two older daughters has been tense.

Reports say that, "Beyoncé and Solange did not attend their father's wedding when he got married in 2013 to former model Gena Charmaine Avery in Houston, TX. However, they did attend Tina's wedding to Richard Lawson in 2015. The businessman also announced the birth of Bey's twins before she did in June, and her fans were NOT happy about it. So basically, Mathew has burned a whole lot of bridges!"