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Mathew Knowles has recently revealed that he was diagnosed with breast cancer and is preparing to have his second breast removed.

Knowles sat down for an interview with Good Morning America, where he explained his reasons for coming forward about his battle with the disease.

"I need men to speak out if they've had breast cancer," he said. "I need them to let people know they have the disease, so we can get correct numbers and better research… Men want to keep it hidden because we feel embarrassed, and there's no reason for that."

Knowles continued: "I am going to get the second breast removed in January because I want to do anything I can to reduce the risk. We use the words "cancer-free," but medically, there's no such thing as "cancer-free." There's always a risk. My risk of a recurrence of breast cancer is less than 5%, and the removal of the other breast reduces it down to about 2%."

Knowles said he went to have a mammogram after his wife Gena Avery, spotted blood on his sheets. Breast cancer was instantly detected.

"Of all the things I could get, why would I get this? From a man's perspective, I thought, 'Why me?' I have the BRCA2, which is mutated, which means I have four things to be concerned about: prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, and breast cancer. The rest of my life, I have to be very much aware and conscious, and do all of the early detection, constant mammograms, constant prostate exams, constant MRIs for the rest of my life," he explained.