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Master P Speaks On Astroworld Tragedy: There Should Have Been More Police

Master P is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the Astroworld tragedy.

 "It was good, it was turnt up. It was a great show, it was like history in the making. Travis Scott had all those people come out there and show up and then the tragedy happened. It was just blindsided to everybody," he told TMZ.

"My condolences goes out to the ones that lost they lives and to they families. It's just a freak accident. To me, the barricades was a little smaller. Then you got younger kids, you know, they coming there just to turn up. I feel like it could have had a lot more police inside than they had outside," he added.

"I had a kid jump on stage with me but I kinda knew that this was gonna be that type of day. To be honest with you, it felt safe because when you do big concerts like that, you never expect nothing to happen, kids just to have fun, somebody might fall down or whatever. They have paramedics on the scene so it's just, all I can say, it was crazy, 'cause you just don't know."