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Master P and his son Romeo Miller headed to The Breakfast Club, where they spoke in detail about their reasons for walking away from the show, Growing Up Hip Hop.

Romeo says there are more important things than money to consider when making his decision:

"I've been in this business for 19 years," Romeo explained. "I'm at a place where it's all about my inner-peace. It's all about mental health, and it's about growth. ... It's not about the money. I'm the highest-paid on the network. I had to walk away because I can't sell my soul for money. I can't sell my soul for a storyline. ... It's fake drama for no reason."

And Master P agreed with Romeo, saying, "I feel like the show is not going where it used to be at," -- make of that what you will.

Are they right? Has GUHH taken a dip in morality, or are they overreacting?