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Master P has responded to Kodak Black's recent Breakfast Club interview via Instagram.

Kodak recently visited Charlamagne, Envy, and Yee to promote his new album. During the interview, he a few things to say about some of the elders in the rap game.

“How you gonna say, ‘OK, it ain’t about no money,’ but then turn around and be on some money shit?” said remarked Kodak on his fallout from Master P.

Master P explained to fans what he tried to teach Kodak:

"A lot of these artists, when you try to help them, they say something crazy... The only thing I was trying to do with the little boy was help him. Everything you doing on social media is telling on yourself.

“You’re the police because you’re telling on yourself. You’re putting guns. You’re putting money up. You got 150 Gs, but you can’t give 10 Gs back to the community or school you went to.”

During a separate interview also touched on why he didn't sign with Boosie, saying:

"Before I went to go sit down with Atlantic, Lil Boosie called me. I rock with Lil Boosie, I used to look up to him. But... he called me, he like I'm listening to your music.... He wanna come sit down with me, and give me like ten bands or something... I already had that money off street money"

And he also said this about turning down a deal with Birdman:

 "It's like somebody telling me, 'Oh, she got AIDS. Even though I don't know, I ain't seen her papers, I'ma take that into consideration."