Master P and his No Limit Soldiers had a terrible concert performance in St. Louis. Usually, the 2000s rappers give a pretty good performance to their audience. But at a recent reunion concert in St Louis - things got downright ugly.

So ugly that the New Orleans rappers were booed off the stage.

So what went wrong? Everything! According to those in attendance. First, the show started 2 hours late. Second, Master P and others kept forgetting their lyrics.


Critics also blasted the concert for poor production (there was no video screen/monitor on stage). They also say that the stage was filled with 50 random people - which was distracting.

Finally, some folks claimed that Master P kept talking instead of rapping, and appeared to be running out of breath and had very little energy.

Here's how the local St Louis Today reported it:

In what could’ve been one of the best hip-hop concerts of 2019 and beyond, No Limit Soldiers – led by Master P, Mia X, Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker and Fiend – delivered a lackluster showcase at best before a sold-out crowd at Chaifetz Arena Saturday night.

As veteran artists in the music industry for twenty or more years, the southern rappers were a repeated disappointment to the crowd thanks to a lineup of performances void of organization or preparation. Fans voiced their disgust by booing and bailing out early.

Here are some tweets:

Here's Master P walking off the stage, and getting booed: