Master P is a well-respected businessman in the Black community, but according to the 'No Limit' boss, people would respect him more if he were a white man.

“We have to look at each other for expertise,” he told Page Six about artists who sign deals before doing the research. “But instead we just sign on the dotted line when a man you never met in a suit appears.”

The 'Growing Up Hip Hop' star also revealed that he is always on hand to offer up some advice:

“When you come ask me for some help . . . I will say, ‘If I get this deal closed for you, I want 10%,’ and then you say, ‘No.’ But if [it’s just a guy in a suit] . . . they sign right off.

“If I was white, I think people would respect me more. People are not afraid to give those other cultures a percentage," he told the outlet.

Master P's 'I Got the Hook Up 2' drops July 12.