Master P Calls Out WeTV & Leaks BTS Video


Master P leaked a behind the scenes video of him calling out WeTV producers and their editing -- claiming that they should be showing more positivity on the show.

"I'm only showing you this so next time you're watching this show you can use your real judgement and see how they flip peoples words and change positive moments into negative. This is the reason we quit 6 months ago. They edit for drama, we have more important things to worry about than fake producers creating fake love stories. The only way to change this is with ownership," the post's caption reads.

In the clip, Master P is speaking to a producer about Angela Simmons' storyline.

"She lost her boyfriend, her baby daddy. She lost him to -- he got murdered. She don't need another relationship right now," he told the producer, who sips on her beverage looking unbothered.

The network was recently sued by Dame Dash for constantly supplying his son with alcohol during filming -- despite his longtime battle with addiction.