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Masika Kalysha Defends Nick Cannon: ViacomCBS Loves A Broken, Black Home!!

Reality television star Masika Kalysha has spoken out in defense of Nick Cannon, who was recently dropped by ViacomCBS after being accused of making anti-Semitic remarks during an interview with Professor Griff.

"D*mn @NickCannon now u see what I was talkin about. Y'all know @ViacomCBS blackballed me from wild n out, Hollywood squares, love & listings & every show they could bc I refused to film degrading dumb ass fake sh*t made to tarnish my image & integrity," she tweeted.

"All they do is objectify Blk ppl…& make us look like the stereotype that's been implanted [sic] in our heads since childhood. Smfh they love a broken black home, an abortion, a dead beat dad, baby momma drama, a side b*tch scandal…they will create any & everything possible to make u look as ghetto as they possibly can 4 some chump change. My integrity wasn't for sale. My boundaries were crossed time & time again. I made it abundantly clear that my child wasn't going to be a storyline & anything that could negatively effect her would be off limits."

Dwyane Wade also spoke out in defense of Cannon before walking back on his words.

Activist Tariq Nasheed is also standing by the Wild 'n Out creator.