Masika Kalysha was forced to check a fan after she commented and called her body "white."

The post was captioned:

"They say blondes have more fun... but I think it depends on what you have on 🤪 sweater @fashionnova"

Before a follower commented: "Am I the only one who thinks her body looks odiee WHITE 🤮"

Masika was quick with the response, explaining that it is now the winter and she is in desperate need of a tan before stating that Black women also feel the need to hate on other Black women.

Fans were divided on this one:

"She’s not even Tanned.. she’s Pale. There’s also a difference between Bleach Tan and Sun Tan as well Lol"

"It’s not her being light skin...we see bleaching so much in this community..we know bleaching when we see it"

"you know I think what really messes us up is all that make up and the lightings I guess. Lately I have been looking at a lot of celebrities and I don’t recognize them. They have a whole different face different shades lol everything smh 😒"

"It’s only black woken that hate other black women? You’re incorrect but go off sis."

"She isn’t lying 🤷🏽‍♀️"

"Black women consist of fake hair fake lashes fake skin lol but still call themselves beautiful forcibly i guess black girls rock"

Does Masika have a point?