Masika Kalysha - the reality beauty from the VH1 hit show Love & Hip Hop - has a new look. And her new look includes skin that appears to have been "lightened."

Masika has been all over social media recently, showing off her new look. And while she's still gorgeous, many of her fans are speculating that she may have undergone a process to chemically lighten her skin color.

Here's what she looks like now:

Masika is a main cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Before joining the  VH1 series, she was a French Creole urban model, a video vixen and a singer, originally from Chicago, Illinois. 

Masika has appeared in numerous hip hop music videos for artists such as Flo Rida, Waka Flocka Flame and French Montana, acted in the softcore Playboy TV series 7 Lives Exposed, and dated Justin Bieber in 2013.

She also has a child with hip hop artist, Fetty Wap.

According to Atlanta Star News, “The reality TV star was recently placed under scrutiny for a booty-jiggling video she posted of herself on Instagram Saturday afternoon. The clip showed her in a form-fitting two-piece outfit, wriggling her butt in front of her camera phone.

“Gotta hit them angles,” she wrote in her caption.

Her post was immediately flooded with comments of disapproval by a few of her IG followers.

“I miss the days where modesty was a thing and I’m 28. People do anything for clout nowadays just to be seen 🙄”

“Y’all females are funny y’all do all of this but still can’t keep a man 🤔”

One fan in particular slammed the star’s mothering abilities, writing, “And your Daughter just got potty trained …smh!! Get your priorities together sis”

Kalysha clearly reached her breaking point with online trolls and clapped back, “Keep my 3 year old outta yo filthy mouth. Tf be wrong with u nasty twat ugly duck bird ass b–ches.” She continued, “You sound dumb as f–k. Like I said, keep my child’s name out yo d–k filled mouth. LOUD DUMB AND WRONG.”