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Growing Up Hip Hop ATL's Masika Kalysha has blamed the show's producers for her storyline with Bow Wow.

Viewers of the show were surprised to see Masika making a beeline for Bow, who is on the show with girlfriend Kiyomi.

A fan hopped on social media to ask her why she keeps on mentioning Shad Moss on the show.

"I love @masikakalysha 🥰🥰 but do you really gotta bring up @smoss everytime😫 #GUHHATL" the fan wrote.

Masika responded with the following remark: 

"That’s what I kept asking production. Why tf do y’all keep asking me to bring up this mans name every 13 seconds!!! I was just gonna let it ride but after watching that ft call with Deb I’m not about to let y’all keep playin wit my ma fkn name. Look at me snap"

She then continued in a rant about the show's editing.

"Y’all just gonna make up shit n the edits after the scenes done. WHY tf y’all wanna make me look like I wanna be wit this lil nigga so fkn bad? R u smoking crack? Who’s responsible for this 🗑? I got a whole ass boyfriend ain’t never been interested n being anything but friends

I’m catching up on the past 2 weeks episodes excuse me if I’m late to the dinner table. Smfh I didn’t know wtf y’all was talkin about. Smh"

Oh dear. So is the loving storyline between Bow and Masika a lie? Lyrica Anderson also hopped online recently to state that her storyline was a total fabrication. How many more reality television stars are going to come forward to expose their scripted storylines?