The Maryland State Police are investigating a state trooper's actions in a traffic stop where the trooper ripped out a driver's window with his bare hands and pulled the driver out of his car.

Under Maryland law, it did not appear that the driver was doing anything unlawful or inappropriate during this time.

The incident which occurred on Route 4 actually took place on May 7, 2019, but the explosive video - which showed the out of control officer - was just posted by the driver on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

In the driver's video, the trooper is aggressive and belligerent and almost immediately, asks the driver to get out of the car - without explanation. The driver then asks why he needed to get out of the car and argued the point back and forth with the trooper for nearly five minutes.

Eventually the trooper goes berserk, breaks the man's window and attacks him.

Here's the video: