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A Maryland man who used to describe himself as a THUG is now a successful nail technician - and his business is going viral on social media.

The man, who goes by the name Nen10doe, gave up his street life - and started a nail business in Temple Hills, Maryland. And his business is now booming.

Nen10doe started. off with a single table at the mall - and he posted pics of his work on social media. In just a few days his customers doubled, and then doubled again.

Now the nail entrepreneur has so many women looking to get their mani-pedi from the handsome ex-thug, that he's already hiring assistants.

Here are some images:


And here's his instagram to see more pics:


The Hair and Nail Salons industry is a good industry for entrepreneurs to enter.

New reports show that the demand for nail services expanded over the past five years amid economic growth that boosted discretionary consumer spending on personal-care products and services. 

Moreover, new products and services favorably affected industry revenue. Overall, revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 2.9% to $59.5 billion over the five years to 2018, including projected revenue growth of 1.2% in 2018.