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Police say that a 13-year-old girl from Silver Spring, Maryland was "slapped" by her mother - after she told her mom that she was molested by a grown man,

According to WJLA, the 13 year old child opened up to county social workers about her sexual trauma, which the child claims goes all the way back to 2016. 

The girl told authorities that her mom's male friend, Mahlik "Moon" Kone, 22, was molesting her. The child claim that Moon often drop pedby their apartment on the weekends.

The child alleged that at night, Moon would sneak into her bedroom and commit forced unwanted touching. And the child told police that Moon would threaten her with violence  if she spoke about it.

The poor girl turned to her mother for support - but she claims that her mom wasn’t there for her. 

Here's from a local report:

"According to police, the mother slapped her daughter, and ordered her to "shut up." The mother then reported the revelation directly to Kone."

"[The victim] advised the next night after she told her mother, Kone threw her against the wall, slapped her and threatened to do something to her if she ever said anything again," an officer with Montgomery County's Special Victims Investigations Division wrote in court documents.

The 13 year old's mother has since passed away, so she can not face charges for the daughter's abuse.

Moon was formally taken into custody on Monday, six months later.