Mary J Blige Makes It OFFICIAL - Comes Out As A Lesbian!!


Mary J Blige is officially a lesbian, and appears to have come out on social media, MTO News has learned.

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Last month, popular 2000s singer/songwriter Jaguar Wright told the world that Mary J Blige was secretly gay - and was allegedly turned out by a female rapper. She said, "she's been gay since she and KC ended!"


Shortly after Jaguar allegedly OUTTED Mary, Mary's close friend Madina Milano came out to defend Mary. Madina, who starred on Growing Up Hip Hop said that Jaguar was trying to get clout and was a "washed up hater."

Well last night, Mary and Madina posted another video, which appeared to confirm what Jaguar was saying. In the video, Mary J Blige and Medina recite the lyrics to a hip-hop song.

Mary ends the video saying that she can "Bag any b*tch wearing all White Nikes."

Fans of the R&B singer are saying that by making a video with Madina, who recently defended her against Jaguar's "gay" allegations - and talking about dating women, Mary appeared to be coming out as gay.

What do you think?