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Mary J. Blige is no longer dating any broke men. The R&B singing legend appeared on the DJ Ace show on BBC Radio 1Xtra recently and told the audience that the number 1 thing that she's looking for in a man is MONEY!!

The 48 year old beauty told the interviewer, "Well he has to have more money than me, that’s for sure,” she said. “Because I’m not taking care of any more men.”

That's a change for Mary, who had been "taking care" of her ex-husband Kendu Isaacs for the past 20 years. Mary finally filed to divorce Kendu in 2016, when she caught him cheating on her - and spending her money on the side chick. 

The divorce was bitter and nasty, and initially Mary was forced to pay him $30,000 every month in temporary spousal support.

Kendu tried to get a court to increase the support to $65,000, but he was was rejected.

During their marriage, Kendu spent more than $500,000 on vacations with his side chick. Mary also paid for his Mercedes-Benz, and gave him millions of dollars in gifts. And Mary ended up nearly $10,000,000 in debt during their marriage. 

Despite the rough ending to their relationship, Mary did tell DJ Ace that she hasn’t completely given up on the idea of love and marriage. She’s just trying to protect herself better.

And she seems to be practicing whats he preaches. Mary was spotted last week in London with a man that is being called a wealthy "African prince."