Comedian Martin Lawrence showed off his beautiful 21 year old daughter on Instagram over the weekend - and she immediately went viral.

Martin showed him and his daughter playing a game of one-on-one basketball in Martin's indoor Los Angeles ball court.

And men all over social media are thirsting over the beautiful, college grad.

Jasmine's mother is Martin Lawrence's first wife, Patricia. The couple split after two years of marriage, and when Jasmin was just a baby. Patricia moved on to dating and marrying NFL star Emmit Smith.

Two years following Martin's separation from Patricia, he moved on as well and began dating Shamicka Lawrence. Shamicka and Martin dated for many years and eventually got married. Their marriage, however, only lasted for two years although the couple had been together for a total of 17 years. The couple's divorce was in 2012. 

Here are more pics of Jasmine:

Last year, Jasmine graduated from Duke with a master's degree:

Back in 2018, Martin celebrated his eldest child’s college graduation, with his two ex-wives, Patricia Southhall and Shamicka Gibbs; his current fiancee, Roberta Moradfar; and his 1st wife, Patricia’s, husband/NFL legend, Emmitt Smith. In a jolly Instagram photo, it was clear to see that Jasmine has many “parents” who have loved her unconditionally throughout her life. Matter of fact, it looked like they should have had Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” blastin’ behind them as their theme song.