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 ‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb-Lunceford split from her husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Now she wants her estranged hubby to quit dragging his feet with the divorce proceedings.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Quad has told the court that she can’t prepare for the trial scheduled for Apr. 8, all because Dr. Lunceford is taking his sweet time.

Quad has reportedly requested Gregory turn over financial records relating to his businesses, along with information on property he owns, including homes, cars and other valuables. She needs the information to have their divorce finalized.

She is requesting the judge to grant her motion to compel Gregory to turn over the information quickly.

Quad’s attorney, Jeffrey Barnes, released the following statement to The Blast:

“As stated in the motion, its purpose is to seek to compel Dr. Gregory Lunceford to produce some business-related records for review and evaluation. Ms. Webb is desirous of finalizing the divorce as expeditiously and efficiently as possible; this filing is simply another step in furtherance of that goal.”

The couple filed for divorce in May 2018. Their messy separation played out during the last season of the show through the dramatic reunion. Quad claimed on the reunion show that Dr. Lunceford had been physically abusive towards her. He claimed that they were both physical with each other.