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Quad Webb-Lunceford allegedly cheated on her husband first - with Mariah Huq's brother-in-law.

The Married to Medicine star is currently grieving the loss of her marriage after it was revealed at the last season's reunion show that Dr. Gregory Lunceford had misbehaved and cheated on her. His mistress even did a press run detailing their illicit affair.

According to bombshell information obtained by, Quad allegedly cheated on her husband with the brother-in-law of Mariah Huq who also created the show and serves as an executive producer.

Fans were baffled when Quad and Mariah's close relationship took a turn for the worst on the show, and it was baffling that they just could not make up and move on, but if these reports are true, we now know why Mariah was so bitter towards her former friend.

“Quad slept with Mariah’s sister’s husband while they were best friends,” a source tells “Quad hates Mariah, because Mariah has her number. Mariah has inside knowledge of the affair, and that makes Quad uncomfortable. She knows that she betrayed not only her husband, but her best friend.”

Mariah's sister Lekeeda “Lake” Kelley then pulled up to Quad's house for a fiery confrontation.


“The affair broke Lake’s heart and destroyed her marriage. Lake and her husband went to counseling, then separated for awhile and eventually divorced in 2012. They later resumed living together for their son and that’s when Lake got pregnant again.” A source explains to

Oh dear. And why did production not spill this delicious tea before the information leaked?

“Production won’t reveal who Quad really is — because it wrecks their narrative,” says our snitch. “Quad has seduced other husbands, and will do whatever she has to to get ahead.”

Quad has not yet commented on the allegations.