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'Married to Medicine's Dr. Contessa: Porsha Williams Is Silly for Getting Engaged So Fast

Married to Medicine's Dr. Contessa says she thinks that Porsha Williams is silly for getting engaged so quickly to Simon Guobadia.

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter," Contessa said in response to a fan question.

"Who gets engaged in a month and talks about raising my baby? I don't even want you around my baby in a month. That's crazy, I don't even know you. I haven't seen you really mad, I haven't seen you really upset. I haven't seen you with your family, I don't know nothing about you in one month," she said, adding that it was "silly."


But Quad Webb is rooting for Porsha.

"These are people who have been through marriages before. Porsha has been through some relationships that did not pan out for her. I know Simon personally, I know Porsha personally, they're are two beautiful people," she said.

She added that she doesn't see anything wrong with it as Porsha and Falynn were not friends.