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Married To Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris is considering adopting a child after revealing on the show that she had recently suffered a miscarriage.

Toya and husband Dr. Eugene Harris were rocked by the tragedy, but Toya says she wanted to tell her story to help other women who may have experienced the same thing.

"I have to keep telling myself that it wasn't just something that I was dealing with, which was something that I noticed along the way. So many people started coming out of the woodwork talking about the problems they went through conceiving," she said. "So if this is gonna help somebody, then I can do it. If not, then I don't want to talk about it anymore because it was a lot of talking about it."

Toya, who has two boys with Eugene, says that she would like to have a little girl.

"Maybe we'll adopt. That's what I'm thinking," she told Bravo. "That would be great."