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Married To Medicine star Quad Webb has denied Dr. Heavenly Kimes' allegations that she has slept with Chicago rapper, Common.

On Sunday's episode of the show, Dr. Simone Whitmore asked Quad who she would marry if she could. Heavenly then chimed in and said, "Common b*tch."

Heavenly claimed that Quad "already f*cked him," but Quad quickly denied the claim, reminding the ladies that Common has a girlfriend. 

She then issued the following statement via BET.

"Rumors get started when a person wants to think more about the ratings and less about loyalty and friendship," she told the entertainment outlet.

"I am so very disappointed in Heavenly Kimes, and I don't think she realizes the repercussions of making such false statements. Common is in a flourishing relationship, and he may marry Angela one day. He does not need a terrible rumor like this to ruin their Black Love. I respect Common and Angela Rye as two very intelligent and beautiful people that are doing amazing things for our people," she continued adding,

"What Heavenly did was an attack on my professional reputation as a talk show host. My professional life is completely independent of my personal life. Her actions are not the actions of a true friend. What is most hurtful is that we were close for the last 2-3 years, and what she did was very lowbrow and inconsiderate. Once again, a Black woman trying to tear down Black women."

Common is currently dating political commentator, Angela Rye.