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Married To Medicine star Quad Webb has once again denied that she ever slept with costar Mariah Huq's brother-in-law, despite Mariah maintaining that she did.

Quad attempted to clear things up during a recent visit to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

"I'm gonna set the lies straight with the truth, right, Andy? So I really hate to do this because I'm now putting someone else into the sauce. But let me just say this: I have never been around that gentleman unless it was around the family, and I mean the family, meaning the sister and also my ex-best friend," Quad clarified. "The truth of the matter is I had never had any dealings with him."

She then revealed why she believes Mariah's sister Lake really divorced from her husband.

"She divorced him when he went to jail for wire fraud. So when he went to jail for wire fraud, she left him right where he was standing, and that was in jail," she said. "And that's the final, that's it."