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The lovely ladies who of Married To Medicine sat own with Bravo, where they revealed which of the ladies is the worst when it comes to breaking Girl Code, and according to Dr. Jackie Walters - it's Dr. Simone.

"I think the person who is most guilty of violating the Girl Code is probably Dr. Simone," she said. "She is not loyal to anyone. For example, if you know somebody is lying on your good friend, and you add into the lie, like, 'OK, you've got receipts on my husband,' and then Simone will say, 'If she says she's got them, then she's got them,' when we all know that Mariah [Huq] is a liar and she lied on Simone. So what kind of friend are you if you can't hold up the truth?"

Mariah didn't hold back when it came to throwing a little shade either... "She always talks and preaches about Girl Code, but she doesn't hold herself accountable at all," Mariah said. "So for me, Jackie is the one that really violates. And people don't really see her. She does things in a very subliminal way."