'Married To Medicine L.A.’s Dr. Kendra Addresses Dr. Heavenly's Remarks About Her Husband's Pen*s Size


Dr. Kendra, one of the stars of Married To Medicine L.A., was forced to jump to her husband's defense after Dr. Heavenly cracked a joke about the size of her husband's penis.

Her husband is Asian.

Heavenly is not known for being tactful, and after shading Kendra about her weight, she also implied that her husband had a small penis because he is Chinese -- Kendra opened up to BOSSIP about the incident.

"She didn’t waste any time. I didn’t expect that. Just going to this group, the women just wanting to have a good time, they were in town. When you’re expected to go to a certain environment hanging out you don’t expect that. I’m not shocked about her reference to my weight even though she knows I’m post partum," she told the outlet. "I JUST had my baby, people make insensitive comments all the time, I’m just shocked it was at this event where, you know, girls just want to have a good time, just get together at Jazmin’s place showing off Hollywood Hills. So it was the environment, not the comment that took me aback. We’re in the Hollywood Hills, but it went to the streets real quick."

Was Dr. Heavenly out of line?

Check out the episode below.