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A married police officer from Clarksville, Tennessee may be out of a job soon, all because his alleged side chick put him on Blast on Facebook.

Last week, a Caucasian woman went on Facebook, and claimed that she was having a sexual relationship with one of Clarksville's most respected and very married police officers Jarreil Peoples. Not only does the woman claim to be pregnant by the married officer, but says she conceived the child while he was on-duty.

Here's a pic of Jarreil's wife and family:

Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley confirmed to the media yesterday that Officer Peoples is now under internal investigation by the department and not working as an on-duty officer. 

The allegations began circulating last week, inside a Facebook group. The messages were posted by Lauren Bell, and removed a short time later – but not before dozens saved the screenshots. 

In the post, Lauren wrote:

Congragulations of officer Jarreil Peoples for getting me pregnant even though he is married. Has been for 12 long years!!!!

Congrats to the new step mommy Brittany Peoples. Hope you’re ready for this long journey boo boo!!!!!! Cant wait to let the whole Clarksville police department know that you’ve been cheating on your wife for 6 months now, and such a wonderful officer protecting and serving the streets of clarksville by sleeping with me WHILE ON DUTY!!!!!!


She then followed up with sonogram pictures and other salacious accusations. Look: