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Meka Jones and Michael Watson are one of the couples featured on the new season of the hit show Married at First Sight  - but it looks like their marriage is already over. 

Meka, a 25-year-old category analyst from Baltimore, MD, was shown marrying Michael, a 31-year-old education director from Washington, D.C.

On the latest episode of the show, Meka was disappointed because her marriage appeared to be in trouble. 

"I'm just in disbelief, really, because it dawned on me that this marriage really might end in a divorce," Meka said in a confessional. 

"And I risked everything for this marriage, so if that happened, I'll be devastated." 

Michael, was also upset, and told the audience that he never envisioned his honeymoon starting off this way. Michael didn't know how to keep the peace, calling his argument with Meka "fast and furious." 

According to Michael, "I feel unheard and it makes it uncomfortable to share and want to be vulnerable in this space where you literally have to do that. But my goal for today is to see my wife and try to fix it." 

So where is their relationship now? Well it appears to be over. Last week the couple filed to annul their marriage. 

Here are the court docs:


You knew their marriage wouldn't last - they were fighting during their wedding reception: