'Marriage Bootcamp's Dr. Ish On Tahiry Jose & Vado's Violent Behavior

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Marriage Bootcamp's Dr. Ish has spoken out about the domestic violence incidents between Tahiry Jose and Vado during the show's current season.

Viewers were shocked when Dr. Ish leaked a clip of Vado choking Tahiry. But when the full episode aired, Tahiry was seen assaulting Vado by throwing apples into his face baseball-style, slamming a chair against him and verbally assaulting him.

"The first rule in a domestic violence situation is you secure the premises, you make it a safe space. That means whoever is the aggressor in that moment has to be removed, non-negotiable thats the rule, thats the medical rule, thats the legal rule. After that happens and whoever's going to stay in the house, when's the right time to address their part? So that's the big question," he explained.

"Was Tahiry wrong for yelling and screaming in his face? Absolutely. Was Tahiry wrong for pushing that chair on him? Absolutely. Was she wrong for throwing those apples at him like she was a pitcher for the Yankees? Absolutely. But when is the right to talk to her about it? If a woman is in the midst of getting her face punched in, is that the time to go up and say, 'Hey, you know what darling? The reason he's hitting you is because you said that thing about his mom and you shouldn't have said that, so you just gotta let it play out.' No, obviously its not the right time. So in the aftermath of it you address it quick enough so that she can make the connection. 'Hey, you know what I was wrong and I was very provocative in what I did and this is the part I played in the cycle of violence."