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Lil Mo's husband Karl Dargan took a lie detector test in the most recent episode - and passed with flying colors, much to the surprise of... well, everybody!

A couple of weeks back, Karl stunned viewers and the 'Marriage Boot Camp' house when he was caught Facetiming another female at midnight when he thought nobody was looking. He was seen asking the woman "tell me you love me."

After being confronted by Dr. Ish and Dr. V, Karl denied he asked that question and claimed that he was talking to his "sister." Later, when confronted by his wife, he refused to let her check his phone and the two got into a heated exchange. But within minutes, Karl was able to calm Lil' Mo and she could be heard telling him, "if you want me to stop loving you just let me know."

During the lie detector task, he was asked the question "Are you lying about who you were Facetiming in the kitchen?" and passed. Everybody was shocked, but it appears that Karl may not have passed because he was innocent.

Dr. Ish claimed that he overheard Karl talking about knowing a friend who beat a lie detector test and felt that Karl may have cheated the test. Mo was irritated by the accusation - but we all saw the Facetime call... that did not seem like his sister.