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Marques Houston is a devout and practicing Jehovah's Witness. The 37-year-old R&B singer told his followers that earlier this year he prayed to God for a woman in his life.

Back in October we reported that the two were a couple. According to Marques, he and Miya are both practicing Jehovah's Witnesses.

In fact, Marques told fans that his new teenage girlfriend is his "forever". And he thanked God for bringing her into his life.

And Marques claims that God answered his prayers - by delivering him the 19-year-old beauty.

Marques, who best known from his days in the R&B group Immature/IMx, his subsequent solo career and acting stint on “Sister Sister,” has been laying low for the past several years while becoming an active Jehovah’s Witness.

He split from his longtime fiancé, and had been getting lonely. 

So Marques did what any God fearing man would do - he prayed for a mate. And his prayers were answered.

Marques new GF Miya may be young, but she's legal. And she's also a woman of God, something we're sture Marques is happy about.

Fans of Marques seem happy for the singer. But others, who question the age difference between him and his new bae - are not as sure they approve of Marques new relationship.