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Marlon Wayans has slammed the cancel culture for comedians, which has seen several high profile comedians being dragged on social media for their risque jokes.

"My job is to talk about all the things people are scared to say," Wayans, 47, said on BuzzFeed News' Twitter morning show, AM to DM. "My job is to go into these dark topics and go in these dark caves and come out with this elixir called 'the laugh.'"

The Hollywood star continued:

"Social media alerts the media, which then tells the message that everybody should be as sensitive about every topic, but that's not true," he shared. "Comedians, we're supposed to speak our voice, and we're supposed to find what's funny. That's my job. It's like telling a fireman, 'You can't go into that burning building.' Well, how am I gonna save lives?"

He added:

"It takes about a year to two years to get that joke good enough to where you're gonna wanna say it out loud in a special. We say dumb sh*t in order to say smart sh*t," he said. "But it takes time, and so the audience has to give us that time to work on the material before we present it to you in a special. And then you can judge."

Is he right? Has the 'cancel culture' gone too far?