Marlon Wayans Leaves A Very DISRESPECTFUL Birthday Post . . . For His Babys Mama . . . Says 'Thanks For Letting Me BUSS Inside You . . . '


Here is a poem that actor Marlon Wayans left for his baby's mother last night - it's her birthday.

Many are upset with it, and think what Marlon said was very TACKY!!

My nigga... what a wonderful soul. And though you curse my black ass out at times (and yes I probably deserve it) you still try to find some reason to try love me in some capacity.

Unconditional and acceptance is NOT EASY, I know. But I do appreciate you trying. Our friendship is special.

I'm glad u let me bust in you twice to make them weird ass kids we got. Love is like water it takes shapes but at the end of the day it's always love.