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Marlon Wayans is busy filming the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect with Jennifer Hudson, and the actor claims that her voice gave him a "woody."

For those that don't know, a "woody" is an erection. Marlon admitted to being turned on by Jennifer's stellar vocals.

"That voice. Yo, like that voice? It's weird. It actually gave me a woody," Marlon confessed to TMZ.

According to Marlon, kissing Hudson on set was just a hot!

"Amazing. Have you ever kissed an angel? I did," Marlon shared. "Her breath was amazingly fresh, whole lips like pillows. It felt like I was kissing that cloud," he claimed, adding that he ranked the curvaceous star as one of the "top three kisses" of his life.

We will hopefully see all of this scorching hot chemistry on-screen when the biopic drops.

Both Marlon and Jennifer are currently single. Could this be the start of a beautiful romance?