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Marlo Hampton Says Nene Leakes WILL Be Back On RHOA Next season

Marlo Hampton, a close friend of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has revealed that Nene Leakes will be returning to the show, despite sending texts saying that she is quitting.

"Yeah, I definitely think so," Marlo told HollywoodLife when they asked her if her galpal would be returning. "I definitely think she will. Yeah, NeNe's not going nowhere. NeNe said this was her house. She's not going nowhere."

She also added that Nene sends her texts all the time, threatening to quit the show.

"I was telling someone, look, I get text messages from Housewives all the time saying, 'I quit! That's it. I quit!' So, I say, OK, let's take a pause. Let's talk tomorrow, because maybe if we talk tomorrow, you won't feel as heated as you do today about it, so it's a natural process of the evolution of being a Housewife that you quit to me several times."