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Marlo Hampton from the Atlanta Housewives is pregnant - at least that's what one of her closest friends told MTO News that she believes.

Marlo, who is 42 and never been married, may be the latest Atlanta Housewife to be pregnant. All of the existing housewives, except Nene and Shamari, have gotten pregnant while on the Bravo reality show.

Now it appears to be Marlo's turn.

According to one of her friends, who was with Marlo at the Rolling Stone Super Bowl Party in Atlanta on Saturday night, the reality show diva was "rubbing her belly" all night.

The tipster explained, "Marlo was rubbing her belly and she didn't drink. Not even a sip of champagne. I bet she's pregnant."

Here's how Marlo looked at the event, you can't see a baby bump yet. But it could still be early.


And if she is pregnant, who could be the father? Well Marlo is notoriously tight lipped about her personal life.

We did see her at a dinner party with a Caucasian gentleman - here are pics of him:


Last year a Bravo blog called The Daily Dish caught up with Marlo to ask her about her occupation. She called the speculation surrounding her occupation "just crazy." 

She also has an explanation for why it may seem like she has a multitude of diverse interests. Marlo has described herself as everything from a style maven to an etiquette expert over the years, after all. "I'm an Aquarius. You always have to have 50 different things going on — not one, two, three, four, five," Marlo explained. "If it ain't 50 or more, something's wrong."